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bookishqu250butterflyI love the beginning of a new year! Why? Because I think of all the wonderful reading I have ahead of me. These days with Amazon posting books for pre-order eight or so months in advance, means we know a lot of what is ahead and the anticipation is fabulous…and often excruciating if we aren’t too patient!

I began the year reading an ARC of Sandra Byrd‘s March release, A Lady in Disguise, a Victorian era Gothic romance which is loaded with mystery and a delightful romantic attraction between theatre costume designer, Miss Gillian Young and the handsome and intriguing Viscount Thomas Lockwood.

What book did you begin the new reading year with?


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  1. Hey Rel!
    Thanks for sharing what you read first in 2017, with many more good books coming out this year :) My first read of the year was Tainted by Morgan Busse, loved it and can’t wait for the sequel later this year!
    Blessings to you and happy reading my friend!
    *posted on facebook,*

  2. I read Jen Turano’s new novella first but the first full length novel I read was A Moonbow Night by Laura Frantz. Sooo gooood!

  3. My first book of 2017 was Newton & Polly by Jody Hedlund.

  4. Hi Rel,
    My first book of the year has been Tamara Leigh’s “Lady Ever After.”
    I LOVE IT! It’s full of her colorful words and descriptions. I’m taken back to another time and place! I love all the twists she has in the book! Unfortunately, I’m back to work after having winter break so I don’t get as much time reading as I’d like. I’m finding I’m not getting much sleep either because I don’t want to put the book down! UGH!

    • Marylin Furumasu » It was a gem, I agree. It was the first time travel book I’ve read where the hero was the contemporary character. Loved that.

  5. Very cool, Rel! I finished this one as well as Julie Klassen’s latest and just started An Uncommon Courtship by Kristi Ann Hunter! It’s been a busy year so far. But all of the books have been stellar!

  6. My first book of the year was Long Way Gone by Charles Martin. This was my second Charles Martin novel and I definitely enjoyed it!

  7. I started with Susan May Warren’s Wild Montana Skies and Rescue Me. Totally in love with this series!

  8. I’m finishing three books: Close to You, The Prayer Box, and Convenient Lies. I just received a copy of A Moonbow Night Laura Franz. It will be the new one I start.

    • Janet Ferguson » So, do you read them all at once? How do you determine which one to read? I’m a one book at a time girl. Fascinated by those who have a few on the go at once, Janet :)

      • Well, I think I have ADD that is only getting worse as I age, ha! I usually have one book in the car for when I’m stuck somewhere. The others are around the house, and when I take a break from writing or cleaning or whatever, I pick one up and read. There are times when I just have to keep going to get to the end because I’m so enthralled or if I promised to leave a review.

  9. Hi, my first book of 2017 was Something to Dream On, Diane Rinella. It is a good book that keeps you reading. Of course all her books do.

  10. The first book of the New Year was Death in The Shadows by Paul McCusker. I love the main character, Father Gilbert, and the subject matter and the unique way it was presented made this a good read.

  11. “Conspiracy of Silence” and honestly is there anyone better to ring in the New Year with than Cole “Tox” Russell. I think not!

  12. Technically I started with At Your Request by Jen Turano, but the first full-length novel was The Mark of the King by Jocelyn Green. It was fantastic!

  13. I started the year with Never Forget by Jody Hedlund! It was amazing!

  14. My first books of the year are Newton and Polly and Intermission, both of which have been on my bookshelf since their release.

  15. is it weird to say I lost track?!

  16. I’m almost finished with Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. Tomorrow I’ll start The Mark of the King by Jocelyn Green.

  17. I rang out the old and rang in the new with “Love Everlasting” – book #2 in the Isle of Hope series by Julie Lessman – and it’s a keeper!! And in keeping with my New Year’s resolution to try new authors, at least new for me, I’m starting a novel by Sarah Monzon. Did you make a New Year’s resolution Rel? Happy New Year from Florida!

    • Pam – Florida » I’m not one for resolutions, I’m afraid, Pam, but I love yours. I have one of Sarah’s to read on my Kindle, too. Must get to it. Hope your new year has started swimmingly!

  18. I began my year by reading The Covered Deep by Brandy Vallance. The story is pretty astounding and overall I quite enjoyed it, but there were certain things I still wasn’t completely comfortable with that lowered my rating slight–review on goodreads:

  19. My first book of 2017 was Because You’re Mine by Colleen Coble.

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