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A Most Peculiar CircumstanceMeet a suffragete and a chauvinist in

Jen Turano’s

historical romance

A Most Peculiar Circumstance

Bethany House

The Story

Miss Arabella Beckett has one driving passion: to help the downtrodden women of America. Naturally, she supports the women’s suffrage movement and eagerly attends rallies and lectures across the country. On her travels, she makes a simple offer of assistance to a young woman in need that goes sadly awry and lands both ladies in more trouble than they can manage. An independent sort, Arabella is loath to admit she needs help and certainly doesn’t need help from an arrogant, narrow-minded knight in shining armor.

Mr. Theodore Wilder, private investigator extraordinaire, is on a mission. A mission that began as a favor to his good friend Hamilton Beckett, but swiftly evolved into a merry chase across the country. By the time he finally tracks down Hamilton’s sister, Arabella, he is in a less than pleasant mood. When the lady turns out to have radical ideas and a fiercely independent streak, he soon finds himself at his wit’s end. 

When they return home to New York, circumstances force their paths to continue to cross, but the most peculiar feelings growing between them certainly can’t be love. When the trouble Arabella had accidentally stirred up seems to have followed her to New York and threatens her very life, the unlikely couple must face the possibility that they might have landed in the most peculiar circumstance of all: love.

Enjoy meeting Arabella & Theodore

Brief physical description

Miss Arabella Beckett is a rather lovely lady, one who is constantly stared out because of her beauty, even though she would prefer people appreciate her for her intellect.  I had in mind Grace Kelly when I developed her character.JenTcharacter

Mr. Theodore Wilder is a gentleman who has a charming smile, an overabundance of masculinity, and when Arabella first sees him, she believes his face could have been sculpted by a master.  Mark Valley was who I thought about as I created Mr. Wilder.


Grace Kelly – Mark Valley

Strengths and weaknesses

Arabella works diligently to support the suffrage movement.  She’s loyal to her friends and family, has a keen mind, yet can occasionally be somewhat opinionated, and as she discovers in the novel, a touch judgmental.

Theodore is a very chivalrous gentleman and can be incredibly charming, yet he’s a complete chauvinist, tends to brood upon occasion, and has the unfortunate habit of annoying ladies on an all too frequent basis, normally without intending to do so.

Quirk (if any)

Arabella, even though she supports the suffrage movement, is a closet romantic at heart.  She adores the color pink and romance novels are her books of mark_valleychoice.

Theodore, being the classic chauvinist, tends to put his foot in his mouth whenever he’s in the vicinity of progressive ladies.

Your inspiration for the character

Arabella was inspired by old Doris Day movies, the ones where Doris’s character always got herself into the most unlikely of situations.

Theodore was inspired by old Sean Connery movies, the ones where Sean always charmed the ladies, but did so in a way that makes most people cringe these days.

Background to the story

A Most Peculiar Circumstance came about after Mr. Theodore Wilder showed up on the page in book one, A Change of Fortune.  I adored his character, flaws and all, and thought that if I’d create a heroine who was strong, beautiful, and flawed in her own way, it would allow me to craft an amusing, yet compelling love story.  When I first saw Arabella in my mind, she was sitting in jail, a bit forlorn and bemoaning the fact that once again she’d gotten herself in a bit of a pickle.  It simply unfolded from there.

Thanks Jen!

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6 Responses to Character Spotlight ~ Jen Turano’s Arabella & Theodore

  1. Thank you, Rel, for allowing me to share Arabella and Theodore with you. Always a pleasure to be on your site:)

    Wishing you all the best,


  2. I love these character spotlights, especially when they are some of my favorite characters like these two! The models for the characters are great! I wasn’t sure about Mark Valley but after looking up some more pics I can totally see it! And I loved how you got that image of Arabella and got the story from there-I absolutely loved that part of the book especially the telling of the pig incident!

    • Thanks, Abbi! And I know what you mean about Mark Valley – I first saw him on a soap opera years ago – but then, when he joined Harry’s Law – something just clicked and I had to have him for Theodore:) Glad you liked the pig incident – and just so you know, another pig does show up in book four – I don’t know what it is with me and farm animals – but this pig is adorable – named Matilda – and she joins Agatha in causing all sorts of mayhem:)

      Have a great weekend!

      ~ Jen ~

  3. I loved this book. There were many times when I laughed out loud while reading it (that is unusual for me). I’m so glad this is a series so we can read more about these characters.

    • Hi Pam – thank you so much for letting me know you laughed out loud – I love hearing that and always hope readers will find my books slightly amusing:)

      Have a fabulous week!

      All the best,

      ~ Jen ~

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