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Children of Angels

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The Story

Jeremy Lapoint’s dad is in prison, and his mom struggles financially. When Jeremy discovers he can fly, pass through walls, and see spirits, his guardian angel, Asiel, explains that he is a Nephilim, a human-angel hybrid. Jeremy discovers other Nephilim young people. They’re enrolled in a school for teens with special powers and are told they’ve reached humanity’s next level. When Jeremy counters that they are half angel, he must battle human and superhuman forces who oppose the truth

Brief physical description

Jeremy Lapoint, 13, has blond hair in tight, messy curls, blue eyes, and fair skin that easily blazes up in a deep blush. He’s of medium height and build for his age and is fond of wearing jeans and Vikings football team sweatshirts.

Actor/famous person

Any Renaissance painting of an angel. He was born with Nephilim genetics that “fired” when he reached puberty. (The Nephilim were those wondrous human-angel hybrids born in the days before Noah when angels took women as wives. Genesis 6: 4) I’ve attached my book’s cover art. The artist, Christopher Miller, nailed Jeremy exactly!

Strengths and weaknesses

Strengths: Jeremy is intelligent, quick-witted, warm hearted, kind, and tenacious.

Weaknesses: he’s impulsive, quick-tempered, and his family circumstances have given him low self esteem, low self confidence, and less friendliness than he should have. He also has a tendency to panic.

Quirk (if any)

He has a bad habit of speaking out before he thinks.

Your inspiration for the character

Two inspirations: the Nephilim and Harry James Potter, one of the most likeable fiction characters I’ve ever met.

Background to the story

When Jeremy was nine, his dad went to prison for armed robbery and illegal drug dealing. Ever since, Jeremy has born the stigma of being a convict’s son. He’s watched his mom burn out from working nights at a truck stop, barely making enough to pay the rent for a run-down apartment. There’s no way she can buy Jeremy and his 11-year-old sister nice clothes or tech gadgets. He’s Anoka, Minnesota, Middle School’s 7th Grade slug—either ignored or picked on.

He has no idea that he’s about to become a world-class celebrity, though hardly loved by all; his DNA contains the genes of the ancient Nephilim, those “heroes of old” born of angels and women. Suddenly, at 13, he develops angel powers—he can fly, go through walls, see angels, and on the dark side, suffers attacks from demons in his school hallways. Only he can see spirit beings, which makes him a freak in the eyes of his classmates. What’s he screaming at? Why is he running for his life? Did he just fly??

Soon he’s swarmed by media and finds a refuge in the Higher Humanity Institute, a school for the handful of teens in America who have also developed the amazing traits Jeremy has shown. Half-back-built Director Louisa Prouse lectures (loudly) that they’ve reached humanity’s next level. When Jeremy argues that they’re Nephilim, she sends him to the school psychiatrist for believing he’s part angel, and then locks him in a third-floor room in the administration building (not realizing that he can pass through walls).

Jeremy finds himself embroiled in a battle for the truth. As he seeks to learn the source of his genetics, he must also fight those humans and demons who would destroy him for proving, by his very being, that angels—and therefore God—are real.

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