Remnants: Season of Wonder by Lisa T. Bergren with Australian Giveaway


Our coming was foretold by the elders— Those who would change the future, just as the planet teetered on the edge of darkness. Born on the prophesied day with birthmarks in the form of a crescent moon, they knew us immediately. Swaddled and screaming, we were spirited away by those who hid us, trained us, and kept us safe until our time came.

They poured their lives into us. Some died to save us. And now we, the Remnants, protected by Knights of the Last Order, have gathered.

Called until we breathe our last … to save the world.

My take:~

Once again, Lisa T. Bergren has delved into a new genre and made it her own. Remnants is the first in a dystopian trilogy which is replete with appealing characters, ever present danger, and a brave, new world. Andriana has been marked as a Remnant since birth and bound to her Knight, Ronan, whose purpose in life is to protect her even unto death. Their journey, along with fellow Remnants and their Knights, through a world of depleted resources and hidden enemies. make for a gripping read as the story and characters develop and change forever. Andriana is an empath, who can get in the minds of those around and know what they are thinking and feeling. This often causes pain and heartache for Andriana, and much angst for Ronan as any romantic love between a Remnant and Knight is strictly forbidden. Remnants is a wonderful read, chock full of vivid imagery and unique and balanced characters, both good and evil. I highly recommend Remnants for teens and adults alike!

With thanks to Zondervan for my review copy

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8 Responses to Remnants: Season of Wonder by Lisa T. Bergren with Australian Giveaway

  1. Glad to know this one is good. Clearly in addition to the other books in my Amazon cart, I need to add this one too. So fun!

  2. I find these questions incredibly difficult to answer!

    Over the summer I read Lisa’s ‘Rivers of Time’ series (well, three of them. I need to find the other two) and I adored Gabi.
    I loved Skeeter, in ‘The Help’ – I resonated with her subversive manner of challenging injustice.
    Dee Hendersen’s ‘O’Malley’ women are people I would love to meet one day (oh wait, that’s not going to happen, is it?!)
    Ok, I’m going to stop…not because I can’t think of any but because you asked for one!

  3. Ohhh, favourite female character… in both books and movies, Anne of Green Gables. Love her dramatic flair, scraps she gets in and the lovely woman she becomes. Thanks Rel.

  4. I have so many favourite book and movie female characters it’s too hard to decide. Katniss from the Hunger Games, Rapunzel from Tangled and Sybil from Downton Abbey are a few

  5. thats a hard one… sometimes I think it depends on what I am reading! I loved Gabi in her River of Time Series…. I loved Celia from Meant to Be Mine and Kate in Until I Found You…. (Yes I recently finished reading those two books)

  6. So many to choose from! Thinking back I’ve always loved Laura from Little House on the Prairie, and Katie from What Katie did…Anne of Green Gables, Jo from Little women…. the list could go on! Thanks Rel :)

  7. Looks like an interesting read.

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