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Lynette EasonThe Inside Scoop!

Lynette Eason

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Always Watching



I grew up in… Greenville, South Carolina.

I was inspired to write my first published novel by… loneliness! LOL

The books that have most influenced my life are… Danger in the Shadows by Dee Henderson, Gone with the Wind, the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys series.

My biggest challenge when writing is… ignoring the pain in my neck and shoulder.

One of my favourite authors is… Dee Henderson because she invested in me and without her—and a few others—I wouldn’t be where I am today.

If I wasn’t a writer, I would be… a police detective or something to do with law enforcement.

The superhero talent I would love to have is… being able to fly.

Always-WatchingAlways Watching

Intensity. Skill. Tenacity.
The bodyguards of Elite Guardians Agency have it all.

When it becomes clear that popular psychiatrist and radio personality Wade Savage has a stalker, his father secretly hires Elite Guardians to protect his son. But when Wade’s bodyguard is attacked and nearly killed, agency owner Olivia Edwards must step in and fill the gap.

Olivia’s skills are about to be tested to the limit as Wade’s stalker moves from leaving innocent gifts at his door to threatening those closest to him–including Olivia. But in her mind, even more dangerous than the threats to her life is the hold her handsome client has on her heart.

My latest novel can be described by these 5 adjectives… thrilling, non-stop, unputdownable (that’s an adjective, right?), breath-stealing, satisfying.

My main character is… Olivia Edwards. She’s calm, cool and collected in all situations. She has blonde hair and blue eyes and doesn’t let anything ruffle her calm façade. Except Wade Savage. He gets under her skin like no one before and she’s not sure what to do about it—because falling in love isn’t an option.

My main characters resemble… Poppy Montgomery and Ben Affleck.

Rel: Love it when authors choose an Australian actress 😉

A previously unknown fact about this novel is… that it’s been one I’ve wanted to write for a long time.

My story’s spiritual theme is… trusting God when fear wants to take control. No matter what we fear, God is greater than that fear and he will bring us through.

While writing this novel I was challenged to… practice what I preach.

The title was chosen by… my publishing team and I love it!

As an author, the hardest scenes for me to write are… the romance scenes. How weird is that? I’m just not a very romantic person. I mean flowers and candy are nice and all that, but a guy who can wash clothes, load the dishwasher, put gas in my car, go through the drive thru so I don’t have to cook, and refill the toilet paper roll? Now that is pure sexy! (And yes, my husband does all that—except the toilet paper thing, but we’re working on it.)

The story I’m currently working on is… Book #4 in the Elite Guardians series. I just finished number three which has been appropriately named Moving Target.

You may not know this about me… but I am fluent in American Sign Language and I love working with the deaf.

If I could be a character in any novel, I would want to be… the ones who don’t get kidnapped, shot at or killed!

Thanks Lynette!

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33 Responses to Lynette Eason: The Inside Scoop! and a giveaway

  1. Like Lynette, I love Dee Henderson. I would say my favorite character of all time is Sara Walsh from Danger in the Shadows. I also love Navy Lt. Gracie Yates & Air Force Maj. Bruce Stanton from True Valor.

  2. I also love Dee Henderson! Whenever I think romantic suspense her name is the one that pops to my mind the fastest :) Favorite character would probably be Lisa O’Malley from Truth Seeker. I have so many more favorites, though, it’s hard to choose just one!

  3. I have not read many romantic suspense novels, but I did read Against the Tide by Elizabeth Camden, and I loved Lydia’s character. The book was great. Thanks for this giveaway.

  4. All of them.

  5. Pick a favorite character? That would be like picking a favorite book! I just can’t do that. I am really excited about Lynette’s latest because I just love her characters and the suspense. Wow. Thanks so much for the interview and giveaway!!

  6. Hard to pick a favorite character so I will say Nancy Drew, who introduced me to mysteries!

  7. I don’t have a favorite romantic suspense character. I do agree that Lynette’s books are “unputdownable.” I remember when I read one of her books wishing I wasn’t alone (I KNEW I was fine, but her book was so suspenseful and creepy that I didn’t FEEL like I was fine!).

  8. Whatever book I happen to be reading, there’s a few characters that are my “favorite”….lol! I’ve even read some books where the secondary character rather then say the hero or heroine was my favorite :-)
    Thanks for the giveaway of “Always Watching”, I saw the FB video post of how the cover came to be a while back. That was a lot of fun to see!! :-)

  9. I tend to really like most all the Christian characters I meet in books! The last book I read was”The Secret of Pembrooke Park” and really liked the main character, Abigail.

    I used to have 10 sign language books!

  10. Just picked this one up! Great interview. I really enjoy dee Henderson as well AND am interested in sign language. Awesome to see this

  11. I simply Love your books! Keep up the great work!

  12. Dee Henderson, Terri Blackstock, DiAnn Mills are some awesome Christian Suspense authors. Always look forward to coming across new ones to read and recommend. Thanks for this giveaway and a chance to read an awesome book!

  13. Great interview! Love the style.

    My favorite suspense character is Rachel O’Malley from Dee Henderson’s O’Malley Chronicles. She’s calm in crazy situations, loves helping kids, and adores her man and her family. Great role model, even if she is fictional.


  14. I really don’t have many favorite characters in suspense novels that is coming right to mind. But I do love Dani Pettrey’s McKenna’s. That is a family I’d like to get to know. :)

  15. My favorite character is probably the one in whichever can’t put down book that I am reading!

  16. Romantic suspense isn’t a genre I’ve read a lot of but I’m always ready to try something new!

  17. It’s been too long since I’ve read a suspense book. I guess it’s time for a new favorite.

  18. There are too many wonderful characters to simply pick a favorite, but I always loved Mandie from the Mandie Series by Lois Gladys Leppard and of course Nancy Drew!

  19. Gabby St. claire from squeaky clean series. Christy Barritt.

  20. I like Regan Reilly from Carol Higgins Clark books, and Nancy Drew of course.

  21. This would be awesome!

  22. WOW, I don’t know if I can pick a favorite character. I just know that I can’t put Lynette’s books down once I start reading. I get so engrossed in the story that I am almost sad when it is finished and I can’t wait for the next book to come out in a series.

  23. Max Jacobs from Nightshade by Ronie Kendig is one favorite.

  24. Lynette Eason is my favorite author and I am so looking forward to this new series. Thanks!

  25. I like Cloe Humphey from Amanda Flowers books. I know it is Amish but it is suspenseful

  26. Nicole Wetherington

    I ‘m not sure who I’d pick!

  27. I love all of Dee Henderson’s characters, too! Wow great minds sure think alike here at RelzReviewz :)

    Most recently, I’d have to say Piper McKenna from Shattered (Dani Pettrey). This was the first DP book I read, and she just tugged at me from page 1 on.

  28. loved Adam in the Hidden Identity series

  29. I read every romantic suspense novel I can get my hands on and am a huge fan of Ms. Eason. I would have to say that Jamie Cash from Don’t Look Back is my top favorite. I also loved Dee Henderson’s O’Malley series with Kate O’Malley getting high marks from me. Henderson’s Uncommon Heroes brought Kelly Jacobs. The list goes on and on and on!

  30. I have read and continue to read so many books that usually the current read is my top favorite. Picking one over all is really difficult.

  31. Oh what a difficult question!
    Kate O’Malley is a character that has really stuck with me through the long haul. I do really like Alexia Allen though. They both have a lot of spunk, and I like that!

  32. There is no way I could pick one favorite character. I’ve loved every book I have ever read by Lynette Eason so I am looking forward to this new series. Thanks!

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