Catch A Falling Star by Beth Vogt

Catch a falling starDr Kendall Haynes can’t abide a disinterested parent and when she meets the man she believes to be her teenaged patient’s father she is not shy about taking him to task over his seeming lack of concern over Ian’s allergies.

Grounded Air Force pilot Griffin Walker is at a loss regarding his new found status as guardian of his much younger brother and is ill equipped to handle his own inadequacies when it comes to parenting let alone sharing his life and home with another person. He certainly doesn’t appreciate the dressing down he receives from the small but fiery doctor which only ignites his insecurites.

Forced together, this oil and water couple begin to discover that God may have something else in mind for their futures.

Oh, how I adore Beth Vogt’s stories! Catch A Falling Star proves the talent she displayed for the written word in her debut novel, Wish You Were Here, was no accident. Sparkling dialogue, authentic characters, and a realistic and engaging  journey to love captivated me as Kendall and Griffin wrestled with what life has thrown their way, despite their best efforts at controlling their own destinies. Beth has a knack for creating characters that are special by their very normality, complex yet understandable, flawed yet so very likeable. Maybe I’m showing my age but I enjoyed reading a slow blossoming love story between two mature people, both who imagined their lives quite differently to the ones they were living. Ian’s character was pivotal and allowed Beth’s wit to shine, particularly as Griffin stumbled around trying to show love in an awkward yet endearing manner to a brother he barely knew, let alone understood. Kendall’s big heart and compassionate doctoring made me smile and her dedication to her patients was a lovely acknowledgement of the many medical practitioners who are devoted to finding better health for their patients. If Catch A Falling Star is any indication of  Beth’s increasing skill, her third book is going to be a beauty!

With thanks to Howard for my review copy via NetGalley

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5 Responses to Catch A Falling Star by Beth Vogt

  1. I really enjoyed WISH YOU WERE HERE, but CATCH A FALLING STAR was even better. I agree, Rel, I think her third book is going to be amazing!

  2. YES!! Friend, I just NEED

    • Sorry slight problem. Mistakenly hit some button and next thing I know, the comment is sent (it wasn’t even ‘enter’!!)

      So I was saying : I just NEED to read this book. So exciting to read all the good reviews. I hope to read it.. very soon. And there’s no doubt about, you have a gift with words, Rel. Really.

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